#ThriftStyleThursday – Time Machine

Happy Thursday :)

This week’s Thrift Style Thursday theme (try saying that three times fast!)  Is brought to us by Beth of Life With Bethie the Boo. The theme is Time Machine!  All the ladies have cleverly dressed up in outfits paying homage to different styles over the past decades.

I actually thought a lot about this week’s theme and went through my entire closet several times trying to come up with something.  I proceeded to give up and put on a “normal” outfit to go out for lunch and Sean felt I was channeling Mitch Hedberg with my look. So let’s just go with that.

Here’s my androgynous look:

DSC_0581  ]   DSC_0584

Blazer: Top Shop via Goodwill//Shirt: H&M via Goodwill//Acid Wash Jeans: Target (Sale Rack $7!)//Boots: Winners (Clearance! $22)


My closet is actually giving me a lot of anxiety lately. I have so much clothes but I really don’t like any of it. I need a good purging. I’ve already gotten rid of 10 garbage bags of clothes these last few months!! It’s time to take a good look at what I actually wear vs. what I think I might wear. Does anyone have any organization tips??


I’m so excited to be going on vacation next week! I leave for Cuba next Friday! I have been awaiting this trip for months and it’s finally so close! Sometimes we need a little vacay to restart our batteries and get a fresh perspective. Looking forward to swim-up bars, lazy mornings on the beach and maybe a pina colada or two ;)


As always, check out the other Thrift Style ladies! They’ve undoubtedly followed the theme a little better than I have ;)

Thrift Shopping 101 – How to Find the Right Film Camera – PART ONE


I’ve had a lot of people ask me about my film cameras and how I go about finding them at thrift stores. Seems as though there is concern about finding quality cameras that work properly. This is Part One of a series of posts where I will share information about thrift shopping for cameras and how to find a camera that’s right for you!


Know What You’re Looking For

Do your research. What kind of camera do you want? Do you want a point and shoot, an SLR? A medium format camera, or maybe you are looking for an instant camera. No matter what you are looking for, make sure you do a little bit of research first. I’ve purchased at least a dozen cameras that ended up being complete duds because I didn’t know what I was buying.  I’ve purchased many cameras that have been rendered obsolete because of the type of film they take.

I created a little graphic to give a visual of the different types of cameras typically found at thrift stores:



Depending on the type you want and the kind of store you are in, you can find a decent camera anywhere between $0.50 – $100 +. I’ve found great SLRs at local thrift stores for as low as $3, while most are priced between $20- 30. Polaroid cameras are coming back big time and I’ve found several (still in their box) for about $5. I can’t believe Urban Outfitters sell them “refurbished” for $200+ – craziness!


Once you know what kind of camera you want, you need to find out if it’s compatible with film types that are still manufactured. Luckily, the Polaroid 600 series cameras are no longer obsolete thanks to the Impossible Project film. Personally, I find this film very expensive. I don’t think I’ll be going out and buying a dozen packs anytime soon, but it’s good for experimentation. Some of the older Polaroid Land cameras can still be used with peel-apart film manufactured by Fujifilm.

Any cameras that take 35mm film, will probably be good to go. You can find color or b&w film at your local camera store. If you want a good deal – B&H Photo has some of the best prices I’ve come across for film online.


What do you hope to accomplish with your photography? Every camera will produce a slightly different product. A good way to get a sense of what a camera can do is by going on to Flickr and typing in the camera model you’re interested in. Flickr also has discussion boards where you can learn more about photography and specific products.

Photos taken with a thrifted Pentax K1000 :)

Hopefully this helps narrow down the type of camera you’re looking for, tune in next week for tips and tricks to finding the best cameras and how to make sure they work! 

Any questions? Just comment below!

xoxo Martyna

#ThriftStyleThursday – Color Pop!

It’s Thrift Style Thursday! Today’s theme is Color Pop! And it’s being hosted by Kristi of Delightfully Kristi. You better go check out her blog right now!

So anyway, this post is pretty late. I had an unexpected girls night and I’m not quite 100% yet. Here I am in all my hungover glory: color-pop-outfit

I like our TST themes because they’re open to interpretation. I feel like Color Pop means adding color to an otherwise color-less outfit. I added color to a black outfit with red lips, a hat, tights, shoes and purse. The lighting is not the best in my apartment so it’s kind of hard to see that my tights are purple and shoes are forest green.  spoolish-outfits

I love my new Coach purse! I found it at Value Village on Monday for $9! I already have a similar one but I thought it’d be good to have a second purse for travel. I also bought this yellow beanie yesterday at Urban Outfitters for $5. Very similar to Miche’s - beanie twins! I also bought the skirt at UO yesterday – only $10! I’ve been finding some great deals at that store lately.

thrift-shopping-website thrifty-outfits

The Bright Eyes t-shirt I’m wearing was one I got printed a few years back in anticipation for a concert. I love getting shirts printed and even doing it myself. You can see a shirt I made here. The jacket is a consignment store find – definitely a staple piece! Funnily enough the most expensive part of of this look is the Mac lipstick! The entire mostly-non thrifted-outfit cost me less than $70 for 6 pieces.


 That’s all from me today. I’m going to go ahead and take a nap.

Have a great weekend (and Valentine’s day if that’s your thing!)

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#ThriftStyleThursday – All About That bAss


Happy Thursday! We’re back with TST and this week’s theme is All About That Bass brought to us by Brittany from Lipstick and Yarn.

I’ll admit I hate the song, but love the theme! We’re all talking about thrifted pants today. Almost all the pants I own have come from thrift stores, I love all the designer items I’m able to find! I especially like searching for designer jeans. My favorites are 7 for all mankind, citizens of humanity and (not-so-designer but oh-so-sexy) BDG jeans. I own a few of each. I live in jeans and naturally thought to style a pair for today – but changed my mind once I found my long lost Zara riding pants!


I bought these over two years ago and lost them a month after purchase. I found them this week in my boyfriend’s underwear drawer. They were there THE WHOLE TIME. Wut. Haha it was a nice surprise and I appreciate them a whole lot more now!


Outfit Deets: Topshop blazer: Goodwill $3, Gold Tank: BFM Thrift Store $1, Zara Pants: Goodwill $2, Leopard Heels: Spain, $6

Total Outfit Cost: $12


Check out some more Bass from the other lovely ladies:

P.S. I can not wait for it to get warmer out so I can take photos outside. I hate indoor grainy photography – bleh! Haha
xoxo Martyna

#ThriftStyleThursday – Winter Whites AKA I’ve cheated in every way possible.

 It’s Thursday! Woo! So I’ll be honest right off the bat – I had a lot of trouble with this week’s theme (Winter Whites). I only own a couple things that are white and I think you can probably guess what those are…haha. If there was anything white in my closet it’s been since packed up for summer. So not only am I cheating with the color scheme, I’m also cheating by not wearing anything thrifted at all. If I’m going to be a rebel, I might as well go big….


Most of my friends would find it hard to believe that I shop at regular stores at all! I’m sharing this outfit because, although purchased at retail stores – the prices of the pieces are comparable to that of thrift stores. For example, the dress is from Urban Outfitters and was $19, the tights were $1 at Ardenes, boots were $24 at Sears and sweater was $9.99 at The Gap. Almost every store you shop at (even the ridiculously overpriced ones *cough* urban outfitters *couch*) can offer some great deals and discounts if you know when and where to look!


I’m really thankful to be part of TST, it’s made me examine my closet and made me think about my clothes for the first time. With every theme, comes a new challenge and an opportunity to try something new. If you’d like to be a part of TST, let us know on our FB Group!


I think I’ve been suffering from a bit of the winter blues lately, I’ve been working late nights and find it hard to wake up any time before noon! My days consist of Netflix, cappuccinos and daydreaming. Now that I type it out….it doesn’t sound bad at all and I feel like a big complainer hah! I just lack motivation and need something to get me out of bed! What makes you motivated?

xoxo Martyna

This week’s theme was brought to us by Megan for Eclecticity :) (sorry for straying from your theme!)

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#ThriftStyleThursday – Pinspiration?

Happy Thursday! Today’s theme is Pinterest Inspired Looks hosted by the lovely Andrea of Little Did You Know. I was looking through Pinterest looking for Winter looks that I could totally rock outdoors….except all the outfits on Pinterest had girls in skirts and sweaters and maybe a scarf and that seemed to constitute Winter gear… Unfortunately it’s felt like -30 degrees Celsius lately so I had to wear a ton of layers as well as my not – so – fabulous Winter coat – hope you can forgive me!


I’m so thankful for my thrifted Doc Martens – they are really warm and I can go adventuring just about anywhere in them. Ardenes also had $1 leg warmers whaat.


I’m planning a trip to Cuba, so it makes it a little easier to stand the cold. I’ve also had a pretty introspective weekend, might consider working abroad for 6 months. Have you ever worked abroad – would you?


I’ve included some actual pin-spired looks for good measure. Would love to try similar outfits when it gets above zero!

$169.9  shop.downjackettoparea.com Cannadagoose JACKETS is on clearance sale, the world lowest price. --The best Christmas gift


Winter Chic: 40 Stellar Street Style Outfits to Copy Right Now | StyleCaster

Brisk.. by The Sweetest Thing. I am going to get this furry vest very very soon...beautifully put together :)


Check out all the ladies!!


+ our newest addition Audrey

#ThriftStyleThursday – Not-so Sweater Weather

Today’s theme is brought to you by:

It’s Thursday, this post is late. I somehow managed to sleep-in until after 1pm oops. So here is a quick post highlighting some thrifted sweaters!

The following sweaters are all from thrift stores, purchased for less than $5 each. The third sweater was actually a blogger swap gift that a gal in the UK thrifted for me! It’s one of my favorite sweaters now.


^ This one is a little large and in charge but I kind of dig it!

I wish I could say it’s sweater weather right not but it’s more like ‘make sure your layers have layers and you have no exposed skin because it will freeze’ weather…


I’m happy to stay cozy indoors though!


Just a short post for me today – have to do some cleaning and get ready for my bar shift! Is anyone up to anything extra special this weekend?

xo Martyna

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For the Love of Thrifting!

It’s been quite chilly around these parts, making blog photography a bit difficult. This is as close as I will get to taking an outfit photo:


If you look closely you can almost see an outline of my outfit…yeah it’s cold. I will have to master the art of indoor photography for this week’s TST which is luckily all about cozy sweaters. I’ll just put on the fireplace channel and pose in front of my TV.

I rented a car twice this month so I had the opportunity to do some thrift shopping. There are three thrift stores within a 10 km radius. A huge Value Village, a Salvation Army store as well as an always busy – Bible for Missions store.


It doesn’t take too long to notice the good and bad about individual thrift stores and I think I have a good mix in my area. There’s the ever popular, well stocked Value Village that has higher prices and is always busy. The BFM store has inexpensive household treasures but lacks in the clothing department while the Salvation Army store is great for furniture and home furnishings and not much else.


What do you look for in a thrift store? I’ve always found that the more quaint a store is – the more treasures I find. Maybe it’s the lack of selection that helps me appreciate the finds. Smaller charity based shops also tend to have more reasonable prices! Hello Minolta SLR with Rokkor lens for $3?? Value Village would charge $29.99.

My camera collection would definitely be non-existent without thrift stores! Sometimes I just sit there and think, Thank goodness for thrift stores! How else could I obsessively scour aisles of treasures on a weekly basis? And actually afford just about every must-have item I come across. Anyway, just felt like sharing the thrift store LOVE. Comment below and let me know when you started thrifting + what’s the greatest treasure you’ve found?


xoxo. Martyna

P.S. How awesome is this Barbie set I spotted yesterday?

#ThriftStyleThursday – Style Resolutions

Happy Thursday! I’m excited to welcome back #ThriftStyleThursday, new and improved for 2015! From here on in, each week a different TST gal is playing host and setting the tone for everyone’s post.


This week’s theme is New Years Resolutions and Style Goals, hosted by Zhenya of Being Zhenya


I guess I never really thought about style resolutions before. As it stands I have a TON of clothing in my closet. The walk-in isn’t much of a walk-in anymore. All this after I donated 8 giant bags to Value Village…I don’t even know where half the clothes came from. I guess one of my resolutions would be to buy clothes for their quality and wearability instead of buying them because they’re just so darn cheap. No matter how much I donate, I still have too much – so something’s gotta change!


As far as more general resolutions are concerned, I hope to do lot’s of travelling, find a rewarding job and pursue more creative projects (and show some more love to my blog of course!)


I had a lot of fun exploring the other day, I went out with my Aussie friend Kirsten to take photos and check out a local abandoned Insane Asylum – it was super cold and windy and most of the place was fenced off but fun nonetheless!


I also busted out the film camera and hope to FINALLY get some film developed. My last 4 or 5 attempts at film photography failed for one reason or another so I hope these photos turn out. After I do that I have my DIY SLR camera kit to delve into.


I may be cheating slightly because only one of my garments is thrifted (Leather jacket was bought at a consignment store) but all items were fairly inexpensive. Boots – Boathouse $30, Tights – Ardene $1, Dress – American Eagle $20, Purse – Anne Klein $30, Necklace – Blogger Swap.

Thanks for checking-in and don’t forget to visit the other ladies! Click the center button to visit our TST Facebook page and join the fun.

P.S. Promise to show off more thrifted garb next week!
xoxo Martyna

Happy New Year, TST is Back!

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a great time ringing in the new year, Sean and I were at a gorgeous wedding last night and celebrated in style! I spent the better part of the last two weeks back home in Brampton with my family but I’m ready to be back in Kingston and get my butt in gear!

Thrift Style Thursday is back and it’s going to be better than ever! We’ve changed things up a bit and will now have a different TST blogger taking the reigns each Thursday with the rest of us following suit! Next week’s theme is resolutions and style goals for 2015 hosted by Zhenya of BeingZhenya.

Since it is Thursday, I might as well share a thrifted outfit – my wedding attire!


 All of the photos are on Sean’s phone, so a photo of these photos will have to do…

My entire outfit cost less than $20! That include the purple dress, my vintage jacket and leopard pumps! Not too shabby. The song ‘thrift shop’ came on so naturally I had to break it down…

What resolutions did you have NYE that you actually followed through with?

xoxo Martyna