#ThriftStyleThursday – Pinspiration?

Happy Thursday! Today’s theme is Pinterest Inspired Looks hosted by the lovely Andrea of Little Did You Know. I was looking through Pinterest looking for Winter looks that I could totally rock outdoors….except all the outfits on Pinterest had girls in skirts and sweaters and maybe a scarf and that seemed to constitute Winter gear… Unfortunately it’s felt like -30 degrees Celsius lately so I had to wear a ton of layers as well as my not – so – fabulous Winter coat – hope you can forgive me!


I’m so thankful for my thrifted Doc Martens – they are really warm and I can go adventuring just about anywhere in them. Ardenes also had $1 leg warmers whaat.


I’m planning a trip to Cuba, so it makes it a little easier to stand the cold. I’ve also had a pretty introspective weekend, might consider working abroad for 6 months. Have you ever worked abroad – would you?


I’ve included some actual pin-spired looks for good measure. Would love to try similar outfits when it gets above zero!

$169.9  shop.downjackettoparea.com Cannadagoose JACKETS is on clearance sale, the world lowest price. --The best Christmas gift


Winter Chic: 40 Stellar Street Style Outfits to Copy Right Now | StyleCaster

Brisk.. by The Sweetest Thing. I am going to get this furry vest very very soon...beautifully put together :)


Check out all the ladies!!


+ our newest addition Audrey

#ThriftStyleThursday – Not-so Sweater Weather

Today’s theme is brought to you by:

It’s Thursday, this post is late. I somehow managed to sleep-in until after 1pm oops. So here is a quick post highlighting some thrifted sweaters!

The following sweaters are all from thrift stores, purchased for less than $5 each. The third sweater was actually a blogger swap gift that a gal in the UK thrifted for me! It’s one of my favorite sweaters now.


^ This one is a little large and in charge but I kind of dig it!

I wish I could say it’s sweater weather right not but it’s more like ‘make sure your layers have layers and you have no exposed skin because it will freeze’ weather…


I’m happy to stay cozy indoors though!


Just a short post for me today – have to do some cleaning and get ready for my bar shift! Is anyone up to anything extra special this weekend?

xo Martyna

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For the Love of Thrifting!

It’s been quite chilly around these parts, making blog photography a bit difficult. This is as close as I will get to taking an outfit photo:


If you look closely you can almost see an outline of my outfit…yeah it’s cold. I will have to master the art of indoor photography for this week’s TST which is luckily all about cozy sweaters. I’ll just put on the fireplace channel and pose in front of my TV.

I rented a car twice this month so I had the opportunity to do some thrift shopping. There are three thrift stores within a 10 km radius. A huge Value Village, a Salvation Army store as well as an always busy – Bible for Missions store.


It doesn’t take too long to notice the good and bad about individual thrift stores and I think I have a good mix in my area. There’s the ever popular, well stocked Value Village that has higher prices and is always busy. The BFM store has inexpensive household treasures but lacks in the clothing department while the Salvation Army store is great for furniture and home furnishings and not much else.


What do you look for in a thrift store? I’ve always found that the more quaint a store is – the more treasures I find. Maybe it’s the lack of selection that helps me appreciate the finds. Smaller charity based shops also tend to have more reasonable prices! Hello Minolta SLR with Rokkor lens for $3?? Value Village would charge $29.99.

My camera collection would definitely be non-existent without thrift stores! Sometimes I just sit there and think, Thank goodness for thrift stores! How else could I obsessively scour aisles of treasures on a weekly basis? And actually afford just about every must-have item I come across. Anyway, just felt like sharing the thrift store LOVE. Comment below and let me know when you started thrifting + what’s the greatest treasure you’ve found?


xoxo. Martyna

P.S. How awesome is this Barbie set I spotted yesterday?

#ThriftStyleThursday – Style Resolutions

Happy Thursday! I’m excited to welcome back #ThriftStyleThursday, new and improved for 2015! From here on in, each week a different TST gal is playing host and setting the tone for everyone’s post.


This week’s theme is New Years Resolutions and Style Goals, hosted by Zhenya of Being Zhenya


I guess I never really thought about style resolutions before. As it stands I have a TON of clothing in my closet. The walk-in isn’t much of a walk-in anymore. All this after I donated 8 giant bags to Value Village…I don’t even know where half the clothes came from. I guess one of my resolutions would be to buy clothes for their quality and wearability instead of buying them because they’re just so darn cheap. No matter how much I donate, I still have too much – so something’s gotta change!


As far as more general resolutions are concerned, I hope to do lot’s of travelling, find a rewarding job and pursue more creative projects (and show some more love to my blog of course!)


I had a lot of fun exploring the other day, I went out with my Aussie friend Kirsten to take photos and check out a local abandoned Insane Asylum – it was super cold and windy and most of the place was fenced off but fun nonetheless!


I also busted out the film camera and hope to FINALLY get some film developed. My last 4 or 5 attempts at film photography failed for one reason or another so I hope these photos turn out. After I do that I have my DIY SLR camera kit to delve into.


I may be cheating slightly because only one of my garments is thrifted (Leather jacket was bought at a consignment store) but all items were fairly inexpensive. Boots – Boathouse $30, Tights – Ardene $1, Dress – American Eagle $20, Purse – Anne Klein $30, Necklace – Blogger Swap.

Thanks for checking-in and don’t forget to visit the other ladies! Click the center button to visit our TST Facebook page and join the fun.

P.S. Promise to show off more thrifted garb next week!
xoxo Martyna

Happy New Year, TST is Back!

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a great time ringing in the new year, Sean and I were at a gorgeous wedding last night and celebrated in style! I spent the better part of the last two weeks back home in Brampton with my family but I’m ready to be back in Kingston and get my butt in gear!

Thrift Style Thursday is back and it’s going to be better than ever! We’ve changed things up a bit and will now have a different TST blogger taking the reigns each Thursday with the rest of us following suit! Next week’s theme is resolutions and style goals for 2015 hosted by Zhenya of BeingZhenya.

Since it is Thursday, I might as well share a thrifted outfit – my wedding attire!


 All of the photos are on Sean’s phone, so a photo of these photos will have to do…

My entire outfit cost less than $20! That include the purple dress, my vintage jacket and leopard pumps! Not too shabby. The song ‘thrift shop’ came on so naturally I had to break it down…

What resolutions did you have NYE that you actually followed through with?

xoxo Martyna

Ready for 2015

Hi friends,

It’s almost the New Year! As always, getting ready for the New Year means reflecting on our lives and planning for personal improvements.

I haven’t been blogging partially because I feel like I don’t have much to offer. Bloggers who have been doing this for less time than I have have already achieved so much more measurable “success”. I’ve allowed myself to get discouraged. My goal is to make Spoolish a more consistent part of my life. The lovely Thrift Style Thursday ladies have instilled some excitement in me and I am looking forward to what TST will have to offer in 2015. It’s great having a group of ladies for support and collaboration. A sense of community is SO important. This is something I lack in other aspects of my life. Being in a new city, my social circle starts and ends at the bar I work at. In 2015 I want to surround myself with motivated creative people and network to start building a future for myself in this city. I think I need to find a rewarding career in order to move forward and be happy.

I was talking with my mom yesterday and she mentioned a challenge she came across. The challenge was to write a letter to a good friend talking about all your accomplishments. The catch is, you are writing it as if it were five years from now. The goal is to realize what your goals are and think about what changes and accomplishments you’d want to achieve within five years.  I tried this out myself and wrote a letter to an imaginary pen-pal. Within seconds I unearthed goals that I didn’t realize I had. I was quite shocked! For those of you who are thinking about resolutions I highly recommend trying out this exercise. Who knew I’d have two kids by 31?! :P

Maybe it’s the holidays that have me thinking about goals and milestones. At my family’s Christmas I was asked by my lovely cousin Patrycja to be a bridesmaid! We’re going to France Summer 2016! At my boyfriend’s family’s Christmas, I spent the day with Sean’s brand new nephew. Weddings and babies everywhere, what’s a girl to do?


I’m also going to a Wedding next week for NYE! And best part, I don’t yet have a dress! Can thrifting save the day?! dun dun dun…

*NYE will also mark the end of my #PhotoADay project on Instagram. Can’t wait to put all the photos together for a 2014 collage. *


xoxo Martyna

Last-Minute Shopping + Fat Goose Craft Fair!

Christmas is coming up SO soon. I went to the mall the other day and didn’t end up crossing anyone off my list. Instead, I bought myself a bunch of things – oops. I normally have trouble finding Christmas presents at the mall anyway. I put a lot of pressure on myself to get unique and special presents – and now, I’m in a time crunch! Any advice??

In an effort to find special gifts, I attended the Fat Goose Craft Fair a few weeks ago. Here are a few photos from the fair:

DSC_0245 DSC_0234 DSC_0235   DSC_0237 DSC_0233 DSC_0236   DSC_0248 DSC_0249

It was amazing seeing so many artists in one place – with so much quality stuff! My goal is to one day have my own booth at various craft fairs. But first I need to get really good at something! Have you ever sold anything at a craft fair? How did it go?

Merry Christmas,

xoxo Martyna

Florida Recap + My Easy Christmas Card via PicMonkey

Hi guys!

It’s been a week since we’ve been back from Florida! We had a great time. It was both relaxing and adventurous!

A few of the highlights:

1. Went to my first NFL game! We drove to Tampa to see the Buccaneers play the Bengals. If you know me, then you know that I could care less about sports BUT it was actually very enjoyable! I loved being in a huge crowd and feeding off everyone’s energy and it was really easy to get into the game. 

2. Kayak Adventure! We drove into Weeki Wachee and did a kayak trip there. For $40 you get a kayak and a lift to the top of the river. You then spend 2-3 hours floating down the third clearest river in America. We had a blast. We spotted a few manatees and about one hundred creepy birds huddling in one place…


3. Seeing lots of animals! We visited a few state parks and random areas where I got to see manatees, dolphins, alligators, bald eagles and many other Florida wildlife.  


4. Last but not least, I loved visiting everything thrift store, flea market and auction we drove by!


Also, I got to experience my first Black Friday! We didn’t head out until later Friday morning but we managed to snag some great deals without a huge crowd. I’d love to share my finds but unfortunately most of them are Christmas presents so I’ll have to keep it hush hush. Sean did find fabulous Michael Kors sunglasses for $39 though and I snagged a Fossil purse for $22, so there’s that.

In other news, Christmas is approaching (duh) so I’ve been focused on making Christmas cards and trying to come up with thoughtful and budget-friendly gifts. I can’t wait to go home and spend time with my family and enjoy all the good things that come with Christmas (food). 

I spent about 20 minutes making a really easy Christmas card using PicMonkey. All you have to do is take a festive-ish photo, add some Christmas-y overlays and voila – Holiday Card! What do you think?


Hope everyone is enjoying the festive season – what are you doing to prepare for the Holidays?

xoxo Martyna


Update – I’m Still Alive

I thought that once summer ended, my blogging hiatus would end. But alas, the slump is still going strong. I’ve had zero desire to pose for photos! What is wrong with me?! :P

It’s such a beautiful day out, 16c! A far cry from the chilly winter weather we’ve been experiencing lately. I’ll be enjoying a few warmer days this week as I’m going to Florida on Thursday!

The flights are booked – Sean and I will be staying in Tampa for a week. This time I’m bringing my Gravol so I won’t throw-up four times while attempting to deep-sea fish… We’ll get there just in time for American Thanksgiving and Black Friday. After all the horror stories, I’m not sure I want to step foot in a mall Friday, but we’ll see. How have your Black Friday shopping experiences been? Is it worth it?

I’ve been trying to stay on a budget – documenting every penny I spend and earn to better analyze my habits. Living away from home and not making a ton of money means I need to be more money conscious. I made a very hard decision this past weekend – to not go to a Scrabble tournament I was very much looking forward to. With entry, car, gas, hotel and food – the two day tournament could have easily cost me upwards of $350. Instead I picked up an extra shift and made over $250 in tips. So needless to say, I was happy with my decision. It meant almost a $600 difference in my bank account! Yay for sacrifices!

Is there anything you do to help keep track of your spending habits?

Hope to post again soon!

xoxo Martyna

My (delayed) Halloween Costume!

Since I got called out on not sharing my Halloween costume *cough* Miche, here it is – slightly delayed. I dressed up as Mary from Something about Mary. The costume cost me a total of $5 (that included: dress, ‘Mary’ necklace, and hair gel). My local Bible for Missions thrift store had a 2 for $1 sale for red tagged items and I found this pink H&M dress there. Not too shabby for a really fast and cheap Halloween costume.  HalloweenSomethingAboutMary

Sean was Zoolander (from the Mining scene). He practiced this face all night long, if you ask me it’s just a glorified duck face :P


I hope to have something decent to post soon. I have been thrifting a lot. I keep running into Polaroid cameras, vintage typewrites and Scrabble boards…which is bad news. I’ve been learning about  ”Control” and “Ten-of-those-is-enough” but the concept is still lost on me…

P.S. Although I’m super happy with my four lovely penpals – I’d love to add a few more to the mailing list! If you’d like to be penpals email me at mailedtreasure@gmail.com✉❤✉

xoxo Martyna