Last-Minute Shopping + Fat Goose Craft Fair!

Christmas is coming up SO soon. I went to the mall the other day and didn’t end up crossing anyone off my list. Instead, I bought myself a bunch of things – oops. I normally have trouble finding Christmas presents at the mall anyway. I put a lot of pressure on myself to get unique and special presents – and now, I’m in a time crunch! Any advice??

In an effort to find special gifts, I attended the Fat Goose Craft Fair a few weeks ago. Here are a few photos from the fair:

DSC_0245 DSC_0234 DSC_0235   DSC_0237 DSC_0233 DSC_0236   DSC_0248 DSC_0249

It was amazing seeing so many artists in one place – with so much quality stuff! My goal is to one day have my own booth at various craft fairs. But first I need to get really good at something! Have you ever sold anything at a craft fair? How did it go?

Merry Christmas,

xoxo Martyna

Florida Recap + My Easy Christmas Card via PicMonkey

Hi guys!

It’s been a week since we’ve been back from Florida! We had a great time. It was both relaxing and adventurous!

A few of the highlights:

1. Went to my first NFL game! We drove to Tampa to see the Buccaneers play the Bengals. If you know me, then you know that I could care less about sports BUT it was actually very enjoyable! I loved being in a huge crowd and feeding off everyone’s energy and it was really easy to get into the game. 

2. Kayak Adventure! We drove into Weeki Wachee and did a kayak trip there. For $40 you get a kayak and a lift to the top of the river. You then spend 2-3 hours floating down the third clearest river in America. We had a blast. We spotted a few manatees and about one hundred creepy birds huddling in one place…


3. Seeing lots of animals! We visited a few state parks and random areas where I got to see manatees, dolphins, alligators, bald eagles and many other Florida wildlife.  


4. Last but not least, I loved visiting everything thrift store, flea market and auction we drove by!


Also, I got to experience my first Black Friday! We didn’t head out until later Friday morning but we managed to snag some great deals without a huge crowd. I’d love to share my finds but unfortunately most of them are Christmas presents so I’ll have to keep it hush hush. Sean did find fabulous Michael Kors sunglasses for $39 though and I snagged a Fossil purse for $22, so there’s that.

In other news, Christmas is approaching (duh) so I’ve been focused on making Christmas cards and trying to come up with thoughtful and budget-friendly gifts. I can’t wait to go home and spend time with my family and enjoy all the good things that come with Christmas (food). 

I spent about 20 minutes making a really easy Christmas card using PicMonkey. All you have to do is take a festive-ish photo, add some Christmas-y overlays and voila – Holiday Card! What do you think?


Hope everyone is enjoying the festive season – what are you doing to prepare for the Holidays?

xoxo Martyna


Update – I’m Still Alive

I thought that once summer ended, my blogging hiatus would end. But alas, the slump is still going strong. I’ve had zero desire to pose for photos! What is wrong with me?! :P

It’s such a beautiful day out, 16c! A far cry from the chilly winter weather we’ve been experiencing lately. I’ll be enjoying a few warmer days this week as I’m going to Florida on Thursday!

The flights are booked – Sean and I will be staying in Tampa for a week. This time I’m bringing my Gravol so I won’t throw-up four times while attempting to deep-sea fish… We’ll get there just in time for American Thanksgiving and Black Friday. After all the horror stories, I’m not sure I want to step foot in a mall Friday, but we’ll see. How have your Black Friday shopping experiences been? Is it worth it?

I’ve been trying to stay on a budget – documenting every penny I spend and earn to better analyze my habits. Living away from home and not making a ton of money means I need to be more money conscious. I made a very hard decision this past weekend – to not go to a Scrabble tournament I was very much looking forward to. With entry, car, gas, hotel and food – the two day tournament could have easily cost me upwards of $350. Instead I picked up an extra shift and made over $250 in tips. So needless to say, I was happy with my decision. It meant almost a $600 difference in my bank account! Yay for sacrifices!

Is there anything you do to help keep track of your spending habits?

Hope to post again soon!

xoxo Martyna

My (delayed) Halloween Costume!

Since I got called out on not sharing my Halloween costume *cough* Miche, here it is – slightly delayed. I dressed up as Mary from Something about Mary. The costume cost me a total of $5 (that included: dress, ‘Mary’ necklace, and hair gel). My local Bible for Missions thrift store had a 2 for $1 sale for red tagged items and I found this pink H&M dress there. Not too shabby for a really fast and cheap Halloween costume.  HalloweenSomethingAboutMary

Sean was Zoolander (from the Mining scene). He practiced this face all night long, if you ask me it’s just a glorified duck face :P


I hope to have something decent to post soon. I have been thrifting a lot. I keep running into Polaroid cameras, vintage typewrites and Scrabble boards…which is bad news. I’ve been learning about  ”Control” and “Ten-of-those-is-enough” but the concept is still lost on me…

P.S. Although I’m super happy with my four lovely penpals – I’d love to add a few more to the mailing list! If you’d like to be penpals email me at✉❤✉

xoxo Martyna

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Halloween. I have a thrifty costume that I’ll be sharing but I wanted to wait until after I made my official debut. To be honest, it’s one of the simplest costumes ever, and it only cost me 50 cents. Here’s a hint :P ->

I’m going to a club tonight for Halloween (God help me) and then I have a Scrabble Tournament this weekend. One that I officially signed up for at midnight last night…

I actually can’t believe I’m going to this tournament – there were so many factors in my way. I found out at midnight that I could play because someone dropped out. I had a few hours to figure out how to a) Get transportation for both days of the tournament and b) Cover my bar shift (with virtually no other bartenders able to work)! I was working last night and I mentioned my situation to a regular customer and he said “Do what you love” and put down some money to cover transportation costs. So I thought ‘heck, now I have to go…’

I’m mentioning this because I was reminded about the importance of persistence and going after what you love. Again, if you want something – go and get it (or at least try!) The universe might surprise you :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

xoxo Martyna

#ThriftStyleThursday – Pinspired Fall Outfit + Two Year Blogiversary!

Howdy y’all! This week marks Spoolish’s Two Year Blogiversary! Sadly, I wouldn’t have even realized if WordPress hadn’t sent me a ‘Congratulations!’ reminder. I’ve been an absent blogger lately but hope I can get back in the groove of things soon. It’s just been hard to take photos and photos are very important in my posts!

Today’s Thrift Style Thursday theme is ‘Pinspired Look’. My fellow thrifty bloggers and I have recreated Pinterest looks with thrifty finds and things we already have in our closets. Thankfully, I’ve found it really easy to find great sweaters, scarves and vests at my local thrift stores. I even thrifted my all-time favorite boots!


I was originally recreating a pin that looked a lot more like my outfit than the one above – but I couldn’t find it again :(. I’m wearing thrifted shirt,vest, and leggings. Shoes are from Spain, bag is from Winners.

Since it’s my blogiversary; I wanted to share this past year’s blog highlights:

1. Starting up Blogger Swap. Blogger Swap was a fun way for bloggers around the world to exchange packages. I hope we do a few more in the future :) See the swaps here, here and here.

2. Teaming up with Goodwill TECNO. I had a chance to work with Goodwill’s marketing coordinator and do a few posts highlighting my Goodwill finds. See them here and here.

3. Finding great penpals. Thanks to a post I did – I found myself three amazing penpals (funnily enough – they’re all from California!)

4. Ranking high on Google. I’m not sure how it happened – but sometime this year I managed to climb the SEO ladder and rank high on Google searches containing several different search terms. Don’t mean to brag or anything buuut….Google “thrifty fashion” or “thrifty outfit” or “thrifty blog”. Geez, hope it’s not just on my computer and in reality I’m in internet oblivion…:/

5. Meeting great ladies! I love all the friends I’ve met through this blog – it’s great meeting ladies with similar interests.

Thanks for reading friends!

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xoxo Martyna

#ThriftStyleThursday – Sporty Chic

Today’s post has got to be laziest I’ve done to date. I blame Netflix and work. Since I have only a few minutes and only two somewhat crappy phone pics….here goes nothing:

This week’s theme is Sporty Chic and I wish I had something better for you guys but alas here’s all I got:

Sporty-chic-thrift ,

I’m wearing: T-shirt – Dynamite $15, Shoes – Vans via Urban Outfitters $15, Leggings – TNA via Aritzia $22, Sweater- Joe Fresh via Value Village $5. Yes, not only does this post suck, but my outfit includes almost no thrifted clothing! I’m on a roll here…

I feel terrible, I’ll be better next time – promise! Why don’t you check out some lovely ladies that actually put some effort in:

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xoxo, Martyna

#ThriftStyleThursday – Touch of Vintage

Happy Thrift Style Thursday! We’re back with more generalized themes! This week’s theme is vintage. I wanted to share a vintage piece I found at Goodwill for $3. It’s a floral velvet jacket that is pretty hard to style in my opinion…



Thrift Style Thursday is about thrift shopping, but also (in my opinion) it’s about creating outfits on a budget. The only thrifted thing in my outfit is the jacket. I’m all about thrift shopping – but I also like checking out the usually expensive stores in the hopes of finding good deals. The dress is actually from American Apparel and was on sale for $15. The shoes were from Urban Outfitters for $15. Deals can be found anywhere. My knee socks are from ebay, found for $1.50. The purse is from Winners $19.  thrifted-thursday-vintage thrifty=vintage


I’m happy to have found decent thigh-high socks for fall, can’t wait to pair them with leather boots. I’m still on the look out for socks that are even longer – have you been able to find any decently priced ones?


Check out what the other thrifty participants are up to here.

It’s almost the weekend – my momma is coming to visit me. We might take a shopping trip across the border…stay tuned!

xoxo Martyna

Summer in October – Affordable Marshalls Dress OOTD

We have been blessed with amazing weather around these parts lately. As much as I’m ready for Fall, I’ve really appreciated this momentary summer comeback. I’ve taken full advantage and sported summery dresses all week long. I’m always excited with all the hustle and bustle that comes with the changing of the seasons – excited for new transitions and opportunities.


Dress: Marshalls $12.99


Thought I would sneak in one last summer outfit before the cold winds set in. Tomorrow marks the start of our new Thrift Style Thursday. We are going with broader themes that allow creativity and are more open to interpretation. If you have been following Thrift Style Thursday and would like to join, you can find our Facebook group here - we’d love to have you.

Bye bye summer..


xoxo Martyna


Thrift Store Furniture – Shelving Unit REDO

When I go thrift shopping – I have a plan of attack. First, I check out the camera bin, next I scour the bric-a-brac section for vintage ephemera , then I head to the furnishings for interesting pieces. After that, I wander the entire store at a leisurely pace knowing that I’ve checked out the most important areas before fellow pickers got to them…


I usually find some really great furniture at my local Value Village but hardly make a purchase because the prices are pretty high. Something has to be damaged, dirty or really ugly to be put out at a fair price. A few weeks ago I found this wooden shelving unit for $12 (forgot to take a proper before picture – oops). The unit looked pretty ugly and had small cabinet doors that were falling off. Since this was the cheapest thing I had found in a long time and we were in desperate need of shelving space – I thought I would give it a chance.


I went to my local Canadian Tire to pick out a good paint. Luckily CT sells ‘sample size’ paint cans for $4.99 you can choose any color you like and it’s a decent sized paint can! I also bought white spray paint to spray a base coat (turned out it was completely unnecessary).


After about 40 minutes of spraying and painting – my project was complete. I let the unit dry overnight and dragged it into the apartment. Although I like the look of the unit, I never intended it to look this way. My intention was to make it look rustic with lot’s of white poking through..something like this >

Rustic Blue Wooden Print Coaster Set

So it’s a little neater and brighter than I anticipated but it’s grown on me. I’m thinking of sticking some vintage wallpaper to the back of it or painting some designs. What do you think?

I enjoyed filling the unit with vintage goodies…


^ These vintage cans (still have the original powders inside) were bought at auction for $7. They were part of a lot that included about 25 vintage bottles and other random goodies. P.S. I smelled the cocoa powder – it smells so amazing…mmm 60 year old cocoa powder.


^ Flowers were a housewarming gift, bottles part of the aforementioned auction lot


^ tins both found at Value Village for under $4


^ various thrifted pyrex


^ flowers from Homesense


^ sign – Value Village $4.99


Total cost of this project was $19. I’m now on the look-out for vintage picture and window frames to turn into jewelry displays. Have you done any DIY projects with thrifted finds?

xoxo Martyna