If you want it, ask for it.

Normally, Thursdays are dedicated to Thrift Style Thursday but since we are at a crossroads and working on making TST bigger and better – I thought I would venture off with a different post today.


As most of you know, my boyfriend and I moved to a new city in May. I now call Kingston, Ontario my home. Living in a smaller town has made me think a lot about community and how the people and the landscape make it what it is.

I consider myself a very business minded individual – I’m always thinking up business ideas and coming up with ways to make extra money. I recently had an epiphany where I realized I was getting ahead of myself. If I eventually wanted to establish myself in this city – I had to first become an integral part of the community.

Last week I reached out to a local business woman and thrifter extraordinaire and we are meeting next week to discuss how we can work together. Having someone respond so positively to me made me feel encouraged to reach out to other members of the community. My thought was “If you want something, go and get it”. That night I worked a cocktail shift and I approached my last customer of the night and asked if they could settle up. He said sure and asked me how much I would like to be tipped. I said “One hundred dollars please” and he tipped me just that.  I looked at him like he was crazy and told him I was only kidding. He said in all the years he’s been asking servers what they’d like to be tipped – not one had answered with an amount. He said it was only money and he wanted me to have it. Needless to say – that made my night.

Maybe I’m getting too symbolic here and taking things a little far – but this act of kindness perpetuated the idea that money isn’t everything. I’ve been so focused on what can make me the most money, instead of what can I do that will bring me the most happiness.  I’ve decided to take the focus off the money makin’ and put it on community involvement and doing things that make me feel fulfilled.

Thanks to the extra money I was able to make on Friday – I signed up for a Silversmithing for Beginners class at the Alchemy House. Very excited to be trying something new and meeting new people. Also excited to work in a place run by two lovely lady entrepreneurs. Gotta take my Scrabble jewelry to the next level ;).

If you’ve actually read through all this – I commend you. Is there anything you’ve done recently to help you reach one of your ultimate goals? Do you have any advice for people trying to get established in a new community?

Since this is a very text-heavy post – here’s a photo of me walking a trail with my friend’s dog Ellie. I hope Lola doesn’t mind me cheating on her…


xoxo Martyna

#ThriftStyleThursday – Wild (mild) West

It’s that time again – Thrift Style Thursday! From what I understand, we’ll be making the themes a little more generalized starting next month so I don’t have to wear sad sad excuses for themed outfits. This week is Wild Wild West and my outfit is the least Wild (or Western) thing ever. I couldn’t think of anything but I also didn’t want to not post so let’s use our imagination shall we?


Isn’t my puppy photogenic?


I’m wearing – shirt value village / vest – goodwill / jeans – gift / boots – fcuk warehouse sale / bag – roxy

thrifted-outfit-2 THRIFTED-OUTFIT-2

We’re doing the link-up a little differently now. You can find all TST posts and participants on our Facebook Group. Stop by and see what everyone came up with :)

I have to keep this short. Its 6 a.m. and I’m blogging on a train. Time for a nap.

Xoxo Martyna


Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award + Chain Emails from 2003

I was invited by Justine of The Two Cent Chick to answer a few questions she came up with. Although I’m not really sure what this ‘award’ is about, I thought it would be fun to answer her questions and ask some of my own.

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

The Rules are…

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
  • Put the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer ten questions.
  • Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Nominate ten people

The ten questions:

1. What three pieces of clothing define your style? Jeans. Jeans, and more jeans? Honestly, right now I would have to say a loose fit t-shirt, skinny jeans and flipflops (summer) boots (fall/winter) That’s usually my go to outfit. Nothing exciting to see here…

2. What TV show can’t you get enough of? I have to admit I have a few guilty pleasures. My favorite shows at the moment are Pretty Little Liars, Orange is the New Black, True Detective, The Walking Dead and I can’t pass up an episode of Law & Order SVU if it’s on tv….

3. Which song will make you smile no matter what? Bright Eyes – First Day of My Life (but really any Bright Eyes song).

Conor Oberst is the only artist I’ve ever felt changed my life. Maybe it’s because the music is so private and personal for me. Most people haven’t heard of him and you usually wouldn’t hear him on the radio. Some of the most serendipitous moments in my life happened because his songs would come on in the least expected of times.  One specific moment comes to mind, it happened last February on my vacation to Spain. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and everything was closed (we didn’t realize it was a Siesta for most people) the one open business was our refuge – a quaint restaurant owned by a lovely Danish man and his wife. Anyway, Sean and I had left to go for a quick walk and when we stepped back in through the doors Landlocked Blues was playing. It took me a moment to take in the situation. Hearing the song was no surprise ( I listen to Bright Eyes almost every day) but after realizing where the music was coming from – I was unbelievably happy. The owner was in the kitchen cooking and when he saw my reaction, he gave me a quick wink and nodded. I assumed Sean had put him up to it but really the guy had no idea what was going on. Turned out he had YouTube playing on his laptop and the song was just randomly chosen on a playlist. No matter the reason, it was a moment I won’t soon forget. The owner continued to play Bright Eyes for me for the rest of our stay. There are moments where I will randomly hear his music and it just brings me overwhelming joy- acting as a reminder to smile and enjoy the little things.

4. Most embarrassing moment?! Hmm. I am actually happy to say nothing specific comes to mind. Or maybe I’ve just suppressed the memories. The only thing I can think of happened my first day at a new school. I started a new highschool half way through the ninth grade. It was January and icy, I was wearing a kilt. My first class was in a portable and I guess the steps hadn’t been de-iced as of yet. I walk up to the doorway facing all my new classmates and my foot slips. I completely wipe out. I fall on my butt and my kilt lifts up for all the world to see. I had a sore butt and a sore ego for a little while after that.

5. One beauty item you cannot imagine life without? I’m not a big makeup girl but I feel like I look washed out without eyeliner. Never leave home without it.

6. Book that you’d recommend to anyone? Wuthering Heights. I don’t know what it is about it. It just left such an intense impression on me. It made me reconsider my idea of romance. I now believe that romance is tragedy. If ain’t tragic – it ain’t romantic. On a lighter note, I thoroughly enjoyed all of Marian Keyes books!

7. What’s something you achieved on/because of your blog that you never thought was possible? Commitment. I’ve never stuck with a project before. This is the first time I’ve worked on something this long term. (Other than my current relationship :) )

8. What blogger(s) would you love to meet in real life? All my TST gals! I say we do a get together…in Hawaii? But really. I don’t follow any big bloggers so to speak so anyone that I think would make a cool friend and thrifting/photoshoot buddy.

9. Favorite fall fashion item? Leather boots. They instantly make any outfit.

10. Who’s your celebrity style crush? Currently, Shay Mitchell. May just be because I’m obsessed with PLL..but she’s smoking hot and always looks effortlessly beautiful.


I nominate:


North Story

Look What I Made

Pauper To Princess

Nuttier Than Nutella

The rest of the ladies I wanted to nominate are TST girls who were already nominated by Justine – maybe you guys could answer both our questions -hmm?

My Questions:

1. What were the last three things you watched on Netflix. (If you don’t have Netflix- what was the last thing you streamed?)

2. Is there something you once disliked about yourself that you now embrace?

3. If you were a celebrity in a past life – who do you think you’d be?

4. What’s the strangest (or most useless) talent you have?

5. If you had your own fashion line – what would it be called?

6. How long (on average) does it take you to get ready in the morning?

7. If there was one thing you could tell the 17 year old you – what would it be?

8. What is your pet peeve?

9. Name a time that you did something completely out of your comfort zone.

10. What is a blog goal you hope to reach?

P.S. (As if this post wasn’t long enough) -Looking over these questions made me reminisce about Hotmail chain letters circa 2002. Remember the ones? Where you had to answer 100 questions about the person that sent it to you and then forward it to all your friends? It was all really a ruse to see what your crush thought of you.

P.P.S. I may have just spent the last 20 minutes looking through my emails from 10 years ago. I’m in a permanent state of cringe.

Also, I found this gem just now, friends and I ‘at the mall’ 11 years ago.


P.P.P.S Isn’t crazy that email has been around for over 10 years?

P.P.P…okay I’ll stop.

To everything – turn, turn, turn

Summer is (just about) over. I’ve been anxious the last few weeks about summer ending. I felt like I didn’t do enough, that I missed opportunities and will now have to wait another year to do the things I’ve wanted to. The funny thing is, I’ve been mourning the end of summer while it’s still summer. This past week I decided to live it up as much as possible. I went swimming three days in a row (rain or shine!) and spent as much time outside as I could. I now feel slightly better about the situation – bring it on Fall. 

After a solid seven hours in the sun yesterday, I welcomed this overcast Saturday. I’m ready to tuck away the shorts and bring out the wool sweaters, leggings, boots and scarves. What are you excited to wear?



Sweater – The Bay $6//Jeans – Winners $7//Shoes – Joe Fresh -$10// Purse – Winners $30

xoxo Martyna

#ThriftStyleThursday – Back To School (and back to blogging!)

It’s good to be back! I haven’t taken any photos for my blog all summer. Moving to my new place means I have no photographers to help me out, and with a broken lens and tripod – let’s just say it’s been tough.  I decided to put the excuses aside and go for a walk to take some photos yesterday. Now, this might not be the most glamorous outfit but it is a true reflection of my usually lazy- style. When I was in school, I would dress up maybe once a month, the rest of the month would be sweat pants and a t-shirt. Without further ado, my $8 outfit…


The high waisted shorts were purchased last year for about $2 and the crop top was a $1 find. The jacket was a new find – bought last week at the Value Village 50% off sale. It’s L.L. Bean and it cost me about $6.


I buy a lot of clothing at thrift stores every month – I need to start being more selective. There’s only a handful that I wear all the time and the rest are left untouched. Do you have a selection process you go through when searching for new clothes? My mom always said – if you don’t LOVE it and want to rip the tags off and wear it RIGHT away – don’t buy it. I get blinded by the good deals and end up buying a bunch of stuff that goes right back to the donation bins…


Emmy from That Cheap B!tch shared an article from Brooklyn Magazine showcasing a few special items from some very stylish people’s closets. I think we should do something like this – TST style. If you’d like to join me in a link up next week comment below and we’ll come up with some categories :)

As always, give the other TST girls some love. (and thank you for continuing to give my blog love even though there hasn’t been anything new here in a while >_<)

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P.S. When I went for a walk in the park the other day I met this lovely older man. His son takes him to the park almost every day to feed chipmunks and birds. He kept giving me peanuts to feed the chipmunks and told me about all the different animals he’s met in the park. He was just the sweetest. Fotor0903212513

…a Canadian coffee in it’s natural habitat….


An Update and a Case of Blog Neglect

Oy, I’ve been neglectful again. This is the third summer I’ve had Spoolish and I’m notoriously neglectful during this time. I blame the change of routines and the endless adventures that await every day. Kudos to my fellow bloggers that keep consistently posting week in, week out without skipping a beat – you guys are champs! Sometimes, I feel like I shouldn’t post simply because I haven’t taken any cool photographs to share. My camera has been quite buggy lately and my favorite lens seems to be broken and stuck in sort of a ‘zoomed in’ mode. Anyways, enough with the excuses.

It is t-minus 12 days until I leave for the 2014 National Scrabble Championship in Buffalo!!! I am very excited but also very dubious about my chances of winning anything. I feel I will end the trip feeling upset about spending 6 vacation days and over $700 to play Scrabble. I’ll try my best not to be a Negative Nancy though, and take this mini trip as an excuse to do some travelling and exploring. Since I decided last minute that I would enter, it was a bit hard to find accommodations within my price range (by price range I mean there is no way in hell I’m paying $129 + tax per night for a room). I turned to airbnb and found a cute room in an older house and booked 5 nights at a rate of $45 per night. The house actually used to be a nun’s convent in the ’20s! For those that are not familiar, airbnb is a place to find accommodations of all sorts. You can rent anything from a tree house, to a parking spot, to a twelve room mansion. We used it to find an apartment in Rome and a villa in Spain. Buffalo may not seem like the most exciting destination spot but I’m sure I will enjoy it – especially shopping for things that are unavailable (or more expensive) in Canada. Hmm…I think I’m going to map out all the thrift stores in the area. If you live in the Buffalo area and know the the best thrift spots – please let me know.

I’ve been spending a lot of my time perusing thrift stores and garage sales for organizational items for my apartment. The downside of having a lot of junk collections – is that you need furniture to display them. I found a few inexpensive and cute storage units at Michael’s and Value Village. I also found this coffee table/stand at a garage sale for $5!

But the greatest deal I found this week came from an unexpected place. Staples! I walked into my local Staples store Friday to decompress after a three-hour interview (ah!) and ended up making a pretty big impulse buy.

I got this lovely Heys duo. As much as it was an impulsive purchase, it was also a much needed one. I have no luggage at the moment and these are just so darn sleek. They have those “good wheels”, you know – the ones that turn every which way! So here’s the kicker – I got BOTH for $65! They were on Clearance for $129 and all Sale items were an extra 50% off. It was a “Start the car!!” sort of experience. So if you are in need of luggage – check out your local Staples – there may be a few of these still kicking around!

In other, other news, I have a new obsession with instant photography. I’ve been taking my Instax with me everywhere and I may or may not have bought a ton of instant film to experiment with old Polaroid land cameras. Now, to find a Polaroid land camera … Oh wait, I had one, for the last five or so years but I sold it at a garage sale for $5 this summer. Needless to say, I regret it. I’ll share more of the instant photography thing later ;)

Hope everyone having an amazing summer – what kind of creative things have you been up to?

xoxo Martyna

P.S. Remember that Photography Challenge? Here are my photos:

#ThriftStyleThursday – Dainty Digs

It’s Thrift Style Thursday! Today’s theme is dainty. I’ll be honest – I picked a dainty dress and subsequently took, like, two photos, but it’s not the star of this post…

This dress was a $1 Salvation Army find. I liked it because it has quite some intricate embroidery on it. The purse was a Blogger Swap gift from Louise (Pauper to Princess).


Now for the stars of the show and my latest “popped” “tags”. For the purpose of today’s theme let’s just consider these cardigans the daintiest of dainty sweaters. (Really, I just wanted an excuse to share my finds…)


The two sweaters were priced $14.99, and $7.99 respectively. I had a 30% off coupon so they, well, cost only 70% of those prices. (Value Village)


The Michael Kors cardigan has to be one of my favourite finds to date. It’s so flowy and it sits well. As one of my friends pointed it out “It’s one of those things you wear and you think ‘oh? I look great in this ol’ thing? Why, I didn’t realize.”

cheap-thrifted-outfit kingston-thrift michael-kors-thrift

This little guy is my Saks finds. Although the shape of the cardigan is nothing amazing – the feel of the fabric makes it wonderful. And I can now say I own a cashmere sweater! Works for me:)


I have a photography showcase happening tonight with the photos I took two weeks ago for the Disposable Challenge! Really excited to see the results (and share them with all of you!)

I have to run to work now! Thanks for reading.

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xoxo Martyna

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Roadtrip & Antiques in Prince Edward County


This weekend, Sean and I celebrated our three year anniversary by going on a little road trip to Prince Edward County. What was supposed to be a camping trip, turned into a day of driving and antique shopping. Here are a few shots of from our day:

DSC_0983 DSC_0984   DSC_0985 DSC_0986 DSC_0989 DSC_0990 Prince-Edward-County-Antiques Prince-Edward-County-Antiques-2


Sean said I could pick out anything I wanted for an anniversary gift but I just couldn’t find anything that made me say “Wow!”. I did, however, find a few old postcards and letterpress letters that I’ll be using for crafts.

DSC_1001 DSC_1003


Although there weren’t many amazing finds this weekend, I do have a few awesome finds to share from last week.  I got a 100% Cashmere Saks Fifth Avenue Sweater, Michael Kors Sweater, Joe Fresh Cardigan, New in Box Polaroid Camera, Two board games and a stationary set all for $30!! I’ll share the sweaters in this week’s Thrift Style Thursday :)



Found any treasures lately?

xoxo Martyna

A Week of Thrifting

 With my recent trip home and the acquisition of a vehicle for the summer – I did some serious thrift shopping. I swear, if I was making a six figure income – I’d still thrift shop. The thrill, the rush, the…deals! Come along on a photo journey of my recent thrifty finds…


My absolute favorite part of Value Village…the wall of goody bags.


Cool vintage bar set   20140629_144916

I’ve been on the lookout for stationary sets and any paper goodies I could mail to penpals!

DSC_0972 - Copy

We needed a phone for our apartment – I found this pink little thang – “new” in it’s box.

DSC_0973 - Copy

I did a return at Value Village so I had to find something worth $20 to exchange. Found this Minolta to add to my SLR collection. Luckily, I already have a few Minolta lenses.


This is a partial stop watch. It cost me a dollar at Goodwill. I’ll admit it’s a pretty useless acquisition but it’s just so gosh darn attractive to me.


Oooooooo – I do love me some stationary ;)


I promised myself I wouldn’t buy more Pyrex, but but $1.50…


And this guy was only $3.50. Love the color and design. DSC_0964 DSC_0962

Also managed to snag an E-reader for $5! And a huge pile of European airmail envelopes for a whopping $0.50.


Have you gone thrift shopping lately? What’s your best find?

I’m currently working on a fun (and reasonable) summer bucket-list. Gotta get prioritizing!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer, xoxo Martyna

Disposed Photography Challenge 2014 – Taylor Studios Kingston

Yesterday, I partook in a photography challenge in downtown Kingston. I spent roughly 5 hours running around the downtown area capturing photos related to surprise theme words. It was a beautiful sunny day and I (hopefully) got some pretty good shots. All photos were taken with a disposable camera – which I loved because it didn’t give certain people (with great equipment) an advantage.

Every hour, on the hour, participants were texted a new theme word. Participants captured five photographs pertaining to each theme. The themes were: Shadow, Motion, Colourful, Up and Energy. I hope that my interpretations of the themes are apparent and well received.

I had almost forgotten the feelings associated with photographing film. The mystery, the excitement and the ability to take a shot – not knowing if it worked out, and moving on to the next one. There is something very humbling about taking a shot and not being able to analyze it right away. I was reminded to just let things be and have confidence that the shots would turn out.


Along with my newly adopted disposable camera, I also brought along my trusty Nikon to take a few side shots.

kingstoncolor5 kingstoncolor4 kingstoncolor3 kingstoncolor2 kingstoncolor

Also, I had this idea. I want to take a roll of film – take 24 exposures (a little darker than usual), and send the roll to another photographer somewhere else in the world for them to take photos on the roll. Thus creating double exposures from potentially opposite sides of the world. What do you guys think? I also thought about looking for an exposed roll of film in cameras at the thrift store and taking photos over those.

In other news, I have been doing a lot of thrifting. I’ll share my finds soon. Have a beautiful day.

xoxo Martyna