An Update and a Case of Blog Neglect

Oy, I’ve been neglectful again. This is the third summer I’ve had Spoolish and I’m notoriously neglectful during this time. I blame the change of routines and the endless adventures that await every day. Kudos to my fellow bloggers that keep consistently posting week in, week out without skipping a beat – you guys are champs! Sometimes, I feel like I shouldn’t post simply because I haven’t taken any cool photographs to share. My camera has been quite buggy lately and my favorite lens seems to be broken and stuck in sort of a ‘zoomed in’ mode. Anyways, enough with the excuses.

It is t-minus 12 days until I leave for the 2014 National Scrabble Championship in Buffalo!!! I am very excited but also very dubious about my chances of winning anything. I feel I will end the trip feeling upset about spending 6 vacation days and over $700 to play Scrabble. I’ll try my best not to be a Negative Nancy though, and take this mini trip as an excuse to do some travelling and exploring. Since I decided last minute that I would enter, it was a bit hard to find accommodations within my price range (by price range I mean there is no way in hell I’m paying $129 + tax per night for a room). I turned to airbnb and found a cute room in an older house and booked 5 nights at a rate of $45 per night. The house actually used to be a nun’s convent in the ’20s! For those that are not familiar, airbnb is a place to find accommodations of all sorts. You can rent anything from a tree house, to a parking spot, to a twelve room mansion. We used it to find an apartment in Rome and a villa in Spain. Buffalo may not seem like the most exciting destination spot but I’m sure I will enjoy it – especially shopping for things that are unavailable (or more expensive) in Canada. Hmm…I think I’m going to map out all the thrift stores in the area. If you live in the Buffalo area and know the the best thrift spots – please let me know.

I’ve been spending a lot of my time perusing thrift stores and garage sales for organizational items for my apartment. The downside of having a lot of junk collections – is that you need furniture to display them. I found a few inexpensive and cute storage units at Michael’s and Value Village. I also found this coffee table/stand at a garage sale for $5!

But the greatest deal I found this week came from an unexpected place. Staples! I walked into my local Staples store Friday to decompress after a three-hour interview (ah!) and ended up making a pretty big impulse buy.

I got this lovely Heys duo. As much as it was an impulsive purchase, it was also a much needed one. I have no luggage at the moment and these are just so darn sleek. They have those “good wheels”, you know – the ones that turn every which way! So here’s the kicker – I got BOTH for $65! They were on Clearance for $129 and all Sale items were an extra 50% off. It was a “Start the car!!” sort of experience. So if you are in need of luggage – check out your local Staples – there may be a few of these still kicking around!

In other, other news, I have a new obsession with instant photography. I’ve been taking my Instax with me everywhere and I may or may not have bought a ton of instant film to experiment with old Polaroid land cameras. Now, to find a Polaroid land camera … Oh wait, I had one, for the last five or so years but I sold it at a garage sale for $5 this summer. Needless to say, I regret it. I’ll share more of the instant photography thing later ;)

Hope everyone having an amazing summer – what kind of creative things have you been up to?

xoxo Martyna

P.S. Remember that Photography Challenge? Here are my photos:

#ThriftStyleThursday – Dainty Digs

It’s Thrift Style Thursday! Today’s theme is dainty. I’ll be honest – I picked a dainty dress and subsequently took, like, two photos, but it’s not the star of this post…

This dress was a $1 Salvation Army find. I liked it because it has quite some intricate embroidery on it. The purse was a Blogger Swap gift from Louise (Pauper to Princess).


Now for the stars of the show and my latest “popped” “tags”. For the purpose of today’s theme let’s just consider these cardigans the daintiest of dainty sweaters. (Really, I just wanted an excuse to share my finds…)


The two sweaters were priced $14.99, and $7.99 respectively. I had a 30% off coupon so they, well, cost only 70% of those prices. (Value Village)


The Michael Kors cardigan has to be one of my favourite finds to date. It’s so flowy and it sits well. As one of my friends pointed it out “It’s one of those things you wear and you think ‘oh? I look great in this ol’ thing? Why, I didn’t realize.”

cheap-thrifted-outfit kingston-thrift michael-kors-thrift

This little guy is my Saks finds. Although the shape of the cardigan is nothing amazing – the feel of the fabric makes it wonderful. And I can now say I own a cashmere sweater! Works for me:)


I have a photography showcase happening tonight with the photos I took two weeks ago for the Disposable Challenge! Really excited to see the results (and share them with all of you!)

I have to run to work now! Thanks for reading.

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xoxo Martyna

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Roadtrip & Antiques in Prince Edward County


This weekend, Sean and I celebrated our three year anniversary by going on a little road trip to Prince Edward County. What was supposed to be a camping trip, turned into a day of driving and antique shopping. Here are a few shots of from our day:

DSC_0983 DSC_0984   DSC_0985 DSC_0986 DSC_0989 DSC_0990 Prince-Edward-County-Antiques Prince-Edward-County-Antiques-2


Sean said I could pick out anything I wanted for an anniversary gift but I just couldn’t find anything that made me say “Wow!”. I did, however, find a few old postcards and letterpress letters that I’ll be using for crafts.

DSC_1001 DSC_1003


Although there weren’t many amazing finds this weekend, I do have a few awesome finds to share from last week.  I got a 100% Cashmere Saks Fifth Avenue Sweater, Michael Kors Sweater, Joe Fresh Cardigan, New in Box Polaroid Camera, Two board games and a stationary set all for $30!! I’ll share the sweaters in this week’s Thrift Style Thursday :)



Found any treasures lately?

xoxo Martyna

A Week of Thrifting

 With my recent trip home and the acquisition of a vehicle for the summer – I did some serious thrift shopping. I swear, if I was making a six figure income – I’d still thrift shop. The thrill, the rush, the…deals! Come along on a photo journey of my recent thrifty finds…


My absolute favorite part of Value Village…the wall of goody bags.


Cool vintage bar set   20140629_144916

I’ve been on the lookout for stationary sets and any paper goodies I could mail to penpals!

DSC_0972 - Copy

We needed a phone for our apartment – I found this pink little thang – “new” in it’s box.

DSC_0973 - Copy

I did a return at Value Village so I had to find something worth $20 to exchange. Found this Minolta to add to my SLR collection. Luckily, I already have a few Minolta lenses.


This is a partial stop watch. It cost me a dollar at Goodwill. I’ll admit it’s a pretty useless acquisition but it’s just so gosh darn attractive to me.


Oooooooo – I do love me some stationary ;)


I promised myself I wouldn’t buy more Pyrex, but but $1.50…


And this guy was only $3.50. Love the color and design. DSC_0964 DSC_0962

Also managed to snag an E-reader for $5! And a huge pile of European airmail envelopes for a whopping $0.50.


Have you gone thrift shopping lately? What’s your best find?

I’m currently working on a fun (and reasonable) summer bucket-list. Gotta get prioritizing!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer, xoxo Martyna

Disposed Photography Challenge 2014 – Taylor Studios Kingston

Yesterday, I partook in a photography challenge in downtown Kingston. I spent roughly 5 hours running around the downtown area capturing photos related to surprise theme words. It was a beautiful sunny day and I (hopefully) got some pretty good shots. All photos were taken with a disposable camera – which I loved because it didn’t give certain people (with great equipment) an advantage.

Every hour, on the hour, participants were texted a new theme word. Participants captured five photographs pertaining to each theme. The themes were: Shadow, Motion, Colourful, Up and Energy. I hope that my interpretations of the themes are apparent and well received.

I had almost forgotten the feelings associated with photographing film. The mystery, the excitement and the ability to take a shot – not knowing if it worked out, and moving on to the next one. There is something very humbling about taking a shot and not being able to analyze it right away. I was reminded to just let things be and have confidence that the shots would turn out.


Along with my newly adopted disposable camera, I also brought along my trusty Nikon to take a few side shots.

kingstoncolor5 kingstoncolor4 kingstoncolor3 kingstoncolor2 kingstoncolor

Also, I had this idea. I want to take a roll of film – take 24 exposures (a little darker than usual), and send the roll to another photographer somewhere else in the world for them to take photos on the roll. Thus creating double exposures from potentially opposite sides of the world. What do you guys think? I also thought about looking for an exposed roll of film in cameras at the thrift store and taking photos over those.

In other news, I have been doing a lot of thrifting. I’ll share my finds soon. Have a beautiful day.

xoxo Martyna


#ThriftStyleThursday – Frugal Floral


Heyyyy, did y’all miss me? It’s a beautiful day today so I thought what the heck – I’ll go on the rooftop patio and take a few photos for Thrift Style Thursday. Today’s theme is florals. I must own at least 15 items that could be showcased for this theme but I decided to go with my latest floral thrift find – a simple tank.


This top was thrifted at Kingston Value Village for $2.99. I bought it because I felt it fit nice and it was long enough to wear sheer leggings with. The jeans were a $1.25 Goodwill find.


Value Village had a 50% off sale this past Monday so I picked up this Club Monaco cardigan for $5 – it’s exactly the layering piece I’ve been looking for.


So I bought these sandals at Winners the other day for $39.99 – I absolutely adore them. I thought I would try out a fashion faux pas and go for the sock and sandal look. Now, I’ve actually never worn socks + sandals in public – would you?   FloralThrift4

I didn’t wear the socks for long because I wanted to show off my new pedi! I got a shellac manicure as well – here’s to hoping it lasts this time around.  FloralThrift3

Silver Ring: Winners – 3 Layering rings for $24


In other news, most of my time is taken up by my new job. It can be very stressful at times. A wise woman once told me : If something is pushing your limits – you are succeeding.  I will put on the biggest smile I can muster and be thankful that I am able to make money. Hopefully I can soon balance my time well and keep up with this little ol’ blog. Thanks for continuously reading:)

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xoxo Martyna


I just realized I haven’t posted on here in almost two weeks but things have been pretty hectic! My mom and brother (and Lola!) came to visit me for five days and I started my new job. It’s a new bar in downtown Kingston, and we’re having the grand opening tomorrow night.

I was lucky enough to get offered a supervisor role – getting everything organized and prepared for the big day has proven to be quite a challenge. Lot’s of stress and running around but I love every minute of it. I just hope I’ll be able to have a life again sometime soon. Looks like it won’t be for a little while though as I’m needed seven days a week for the time being.

I don’t really have any photos to share today but if you want a little glimpse of the day to day you can check out my instagram. I’m doing a 365 photo challenge and I’m pretty impressed with myself that I’ve managed to post photos for the past 169 days. Here’s to hoping I can get through the whole 365.

I definitely do NOT want to abandon this blog for much longer but I will most likely be MIA for a little while longer.

I hope to resurface soon.

xoxo Martyna



Downtown Explorations

Last week, I had my lovely friends Cassie and Natalie visit me here in Kingston. It was great spending time with some Brampton friends. I think I’m going to like bringing people over and showing them my new city. You just see it with such fresh eyes and gain an appreciation for it.


I love living here so far. I’m sitting on a rooftop patio sipping on an iced coffee as I type.  I couldn’t ask for a better apartment and better neighbours. I also got a job! At a new martini bar downtown. I’m very excited to start being productive.

downtown-kingston-2 downtown-kingston-3 downtown-kingston-4 downtown-kingston-5

The weather is pretty amazing lately and I’m thinking a lot about what adventures I want to get up to this summer. I can’t wait for camping, fishing, metal detecting, road trips and white water rafting.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

xoxo Martyna


#ThriftStyleThursday- Almost a Hat Trick

It’s Thrift Style Thursday – woo! Today’s theme is headgear. Due to a time restraint I wasn’t able to get as in depth with this theme as I wanted to. Would have loved to share my recent love for headscarves but my love for this fedora will have to do.  hat7  You know when you find that one hat. The one that you can throw on and it just works. This hat is one of those hats. It actually died while I was in Spain (R.I.P) but was resurrected in the form of an identical version of itself. I bought the hat at Ardenes last Spring and wore it through out the entire summer and received so many compliments for it. When I packed it for Spain in the winter, it got squished and I couldn’t make it look like a hat anymore. The other day I walked to my local Ardenes, (which happens to be a liquidation store a.k.a. last year’s merchandise) I found it’s identical twin on sale for $2.

In memoriam of it’s fallen brother:

DSC_0488 - Copy DSC_0481 - Copy DSC_0459

(Photos taken in Krakow, Poland)

Anyway, my point is that I like this hat. I got Sean to take some photos of me when we went for a walk earlier this week. I was pet sitting this pup for a nice french couple while they were sight seeing in Niagara Falls. I think I’m just having Lola withdrawals.

hat1 hat2 hat3

The hat isn’t thrifted…but $2? I think a thrift store would probably charge more. The whole outfit (minus shoes) cost me a total of $5.50. The top was a recent Value Village find and jeans were a Goodwill purchase from last year. Purse is from Winners and shoes were bought in Poland


Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather, remember to take it all in.

xoxo Martyna

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#ThriftStyleThursday- Oh, the ’90s.

I think the 90s and early 2000s have to be my least favorite fashion years. Other than maybe the grunge scene, I don’t like a whole lot about the styles. May we be reminded of the following:

  • Platform sneakers,
  • Chokers
  • Visors
  • Heavy bright eyeshadow
  • The shortest of croptops
  • Awkward shaped mom jeans
  • Big hair
  • Scrunchies
  • Pastel florals. All. the. time.
  • Spaghetti straps

Okay, okay, maybe the above things aren’t so bad. Most of them are back in style – this year kinda feels like a 90′s revival. How the time flies that the 90s already need reviving?? I think I’m just bitter with my parents when I look at the outfits I was wearing in the 90s and early 2000s – what were they thinking?! Hopefully I can get some photos up here soon of those oh so wonderful times.

Anyway, for today’s theme I put together two looks. One look is actually comprised of items from the 90s and the other is 90′s-ish but really, it’s just trendy again.

My legitimately 90s look:


I’m wearing a thrifted spaghetti strap dress (yes it has a slit in the side), with a thrifted Nine West leather jacket. Also toting an izone camera (can’t get more 90s than that).

thrifted-90s-2 thrifted-90s-3 - Copy

The next look is pretty simple. Big sweater and cut-offs. All it needs to be perfect is a higher waist and a bigger (yet shorter) sweater :P. Sweater was a $10 find at UO, jeans were thrifted for $1 and cut.

thrifted-90s-4 thrifted-90s-5

Did you like the 90s? Have some embarrassing photos or fashion disaster stories to tell?

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xoxo Martyna

P.S. Still looking for a few penpals if anyone is interested in swapping treasure arr.